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Welcome to Brabant's mission, where our commitment to style goes hand in hand with a deeper purpose – the preservation of our oceans and the communities that rely on them

Corals Under the Sea



The Bluer Ocean Project is an inspiring association based in Rodrigues, an Island in the Indian Ocean. 

Brabant is proud to contribute to their coral replantation initiative led by Jerome and Marine. Our support takes the form of a crucial investment: installations of frames capable of planting approximately 100 coral nubbins.

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When you choose Brabant, you become a vital part of this impactful journey towards the growth and preservation of coral reefs.

This isn't just a one-time investment; it's a commitment to fostering biodiversity and safeguarding delicate marine ecosystems.


Your purchase contributes to the ongoing efforts of a group of young dedicated ocean people, enabling them to continue their invaluable work in Rodrigues Island and beyond.


We invite you to actively participate in the cause by supporting The Bluer Ocean Project through their crowdfunding campaign following the link below: 

Your donation not only sustains marine life in Rodrigues but also plays a crucial role in educating the younger generation about the importance of protecting the lagoon, the corals, the reef and the OCEAN in general.


Your choice empowers young islanders to actively engage in the protection of their environment, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond our beachwear!

Join us in making waves – not just in fashion, but in the preservation of our oceans and the communities that depend on them.

Together, let's create a sustainable and vibrant future for our planet.

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